We provide a comprehensive set of services to develop, implement and maintain the brand. We create not just a beautiful design, but a design that
increases your sales.
Brand positioning and platform development
Positioning is the manipulation of the mindset of the consumer,
the way he sees and perceives your brand.

Delivering the message as accurately as possible.
В основе бизнеса заложен смысл.
Business is based on meaning.
Why do you do what you do? Why is it important?
We ask important questions to determine the positioning of your company.

Based on a detailed analysis, we pack the idea, history and meaning into a visual product.


Brand - a set of ideas, opinions, associations, emotions, value characteristics about a product or service in the mind of the consumer; the mental shell of a product or service - a brand is an abstract name.
A brand is not a thing, a product, a company or an organization. Brands don't exist in the real world - they are mental constructs. A brand is best described as the sum of a person's entire experience, their perception of a thing, product, company or organization. Brands exist in the form of consciousness or specific people or society.
A brand as an association in the minds of the target audience, symbolizes certain qualities of the product or the characteristics of the product manufacturer itself.

To do this, the brand must be recognizable; as a rule, the rights to use it are protected legally. Reputation is also one of the important components of a brand. Both individual employees of the company, and the company as a whole or its products.

The physical components (brand elements) of the brand are the whole complex of corporate identity elements: brand name (word, phrase, descriptor), logo (trademark) with the principles of its construction, brand color palette that supports the corporate identity, original graphics, a set of phrases, tone of voice, trade brand and so on. (с) Wikipedia
For whom?
  • Startup
    For those who are at the beginning of the journey. Together we will form the vector of development
  • Small and medium businesses
    For those who are already on the market, but would like to update their positioning
  • New trademark
    We will create packaging and bring it to the market
  • Family business
    We will convey the value of your product or service through visual communication
We do only what your brand needs.
This is customer loyalty, brand image and the opportunity to take the business to the next level.
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Basic branding services
For each client, we select a list of works, the cost of which depends
on the volume, tasks and needs.
‣ Analysis of the competitive environment
‣ Research and analysis of the positioning hypothesis
‣ Formulation of the positioning concept
‣ Brand architecture
‣ Big Idea, legend
A brand name is a story told in one word.

We will create several options for sonorous
and a memorable name that reflects the essence of your brand, project, product or service. Let's add a powerful selling slogan.
Based on the previous analysis and the formed brand platform:

‣ Competitive analysis
‣ Research and analysis of positioning hypothesis
‣ Three concept logos with visualization in the environment
‣ Brand palette
‣ Brand fonts
‣ Three iterations of one selected logo concept
‣ Development of corporate style media design depending on the direction of business - 2 concepts (eg: pattern, price list, certificate, branded package, etc.),
2 iterations of the selected concept
‣ Visualization of the corporate style in the environment
‣ Guide book of the brand (pdf-guide to using style)
‣ Logo and web source files, vector format media layouts
‣ Communication with personal manager during the project
‣ Transfer of exclusive rights under the contract to use the logo and style
‣ The prepress (preparation of media models for production) is not included.
For those companies that have a brand platform.

We are developing a comprehensive communication strategy system that will help achieve maximum efficiency through the synergy of tools.

We will develop instructions that will help maintain the unity of style through clearly defined restrictions on the use of the logo and brand elements.
We include brand positioning, mission and values, rules for using the logo and standards for its use in the brand book.
Corporate colors, fonts and additional style elements.
Instructions for the correct placement of branded elements on physical media and online communication channels.
Branding price
  • from 3 500 €

    The price of working on a brand depends on the package of services that we select together.
    It can be complex branding "turn-key" or, for example, the development of positioning and the development of corporate identity.
    All details can be found in the commercial offer, which we will send after discussing the details.
  • from 60 days

    We work in stages, after each we meet to discuss the results.
  • to the result

    You get a conceptual brand foundation with a clear understanding of implementation.
Brand Mind: we do only what your brand needs.
This is customer loyalty, brand image and the opportunity to take the business to the next level.
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