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Brand Identity

A set of visual elements made in the same color and style.
A single approach to create a brand image in advertising, business documentation, product packaging design.
  • Company's image
    The basis of effective communication with the audience. With a holistic image consumers perceive the brand and enter into a dialogue with it. A professionally designed corporate identity allows you to manage the emotions of the audience they feel connecting with the brand.
  • Recognition
    Corporate style is the key to the brand identity. Practice shows that consumers remember companies which have an expressive and unique corporate identity. Thus, the corporate identity creates a clear and distinct image of the company, which is effectively recognised and remembered by the audience.
  • Standing out against the competition
    Corporate identity helps the company to stand out from the competitions and communicate it's unique advantages to consumers. In our time, this is critically important, since the high level of competition on the market poses a serious threat not only to young, but also to established companies.

The cost of basic identity services:

from 14 working days
500 EUR
‣ Competitive analysis
‣ Three concept logos with visualization in the environment
‣ Brand palette
‣ Brand fonts
‣ Three iterations of one selected logo concept
‣ Logo guide (pdf-guide to using the logo)
‣ Files for printing and web
‣ Communication with personal manager during the project
‣ Transfer of exclusive rights under the contract to use the logo.

Each subsequent logo concept 100eur

Brand elemenTs
for those wha already has the brand book
80 EUR*
We will develop any layout in your corporate style (the presence of a corporate font, palette, logo): business cards, forms, presentation template, booklet, badge, commercial offer, branded clothing, car labeling, etc.

*The price is specified for the design of one item and does not include prepress.

Visual brand concept:

Designing content for social networks
Instagram DESIGN
only design is included
450 EUR
‣ One design to corporate style.
‣ Layout of content on a feed of 18 posts (content of your brand)
‣ 5 editable templates for post
‣ 3 editable Stories Highlights templates
‣ 6 covers for Stories
‣ Guide book (Pdf-guide to design instagram)
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What is a brand element?

A brand element is any printed product or digital layout created according to the rules and norms of corporate design (guideline) to achieve brand recognition and form a unified company image.
  • Corporate documentation
    ○ Business card
    ○ Name card
    ○ Document folder
    ○ Letterhead
    ○ Postal envelope
    ○ Badge, pass
  • Stationery / Poligraphy
    ○ Discount card
    ○ Gift certificate
    ○ Product packaging (bag, wrapping paper, ribbons, etc.)
    ○ Product catalog
    ○ Leaflet / flyer
    ○ Poster / Poster
    ○ Tag
    ○ Postcard
  • Branded Merch
    ○ Notebooks and notebooks
    ○ Pens and pencils
    ○ Badge lanyards
    ○ Umbrellas
    ○ Canvas bags
    ○ Mugs
  • Digital and SMM designs
    ○ Signature for email
    ○ Instagram Page Design
    ○ Youtube page design
    ○ Social Media Advertising Layout
    ○ Power Point Presentation Template
  • Outdoor advertising, decoration
    ○ Uniform
    ○ Pavement sign / rollup
    ○ Streamer/banner
    ○ Billboard
    ○ Lightbox / cityboard
    ○ Entrance group / sign
    ○ Transport
    ○ Exhibition stand