Ouspanova Tamila
Corporate identity for the studio
tailoring designer clothes in Nice
Ouspanova Tamila Creation
About a client: Atelier, which is located on the Cote d'Azur of France - in Nice. Custom tailoring and a modern, comfortable, minimalistic style, wedding fashion. Positioning on comfortable, casual and elegant clothes for girls in the rhythm of the city.
Palette: black / white / beige
Brand philosophy: To enable a woman to wear what she likes and feel confident at the same time. Ouspanova Tamila Creation is a combination of creative vision and customer focus, as well as the quality of workmanship, comfortable and pleasant interaction with the client. Individual tailoring of evening dresses and wedding fashion. Elegant dresses with a silhouette.
Realization: A sleek logo concept that forms a circle, with clean lines and easy-to-read fonts. In the center of the composition are the initials, the letter "T" in its shape resembles a thread inserted into the eye of a needle, referring to the business niche.
The colors in the corporate style are chosen soft and calm, contrasting to each other, but the emphasis is primarily on monochrome as a component of the rigor and conciseness of the style.
Project date: March 2022

Corporate pattern, bag, sew-on tag,
paper tag and postcard
The entire identity is made in natural and pastel shades, emphasizing
that the atelier works with natural materials.
The package design contains graphic lines - patterns and drawings.
We have created a unique tag design, the feature of which is its shape.
It is supposed to wrap a little thread on the tag for a piece of clothing
that was created individually for the client.
In printing, we use textured papers to create a more tactile effect when a client communicates with
a brand.
Так же был разработан гайд бук – руководство по использованию фирменного стиля