“In Moscow and its suburbs, it is difficult to find quiet corners, places for unity with nature. Therefore, among the townspeople, plots in the near and far suburbs are especially valued, where you can go on vacation or even live year-round. Owning not just a house, but also a piece of land is considered a special chic."

What is done: Design a logo and corporate identity for a company - «Местечко.рф Земельная компания»
About a client: Sale of land without buildings. Audience: families buying plots for giving, as well as moving to the nearest suburbs; acquisition of land for business.
Task: Giving status, solidity to the company (It is necessary to get away from the templates of similar companies).
Realization: A symbolic version of the logo, in its forms and lines it reflects the landscape of the earth. The connection of the letter "M" resembling a bridge represents the company as a link between the client-buyer and his own piece of land. A stable statement of the letter translates the reliability of the company.
Project date: March 2020