Corporate identity for a candle aroma brand
ZHGUN – Kindles secret desires and reveals hidden feelings. Candles are created to warm with a flame and carry away into the world of serenity and dreams. Candles ZHGUN - peace of mind and immersion in a meditative state.
Brand mission: Win the hearts of customers with the attractiveness and aesthetics of products through the prism of magical and warm emotions. Through the mystery and randomness of the flame, give a person a sense of calm and harmony, concentrating thoughts into a single stream.
Task: Create a unique appearance, convey the feeling of an expensive item with reusable use (flasks may be taken to the store for reuse). Style: Laconic, expensive, not colorful, but super bright and accent, memorable.
Realization: Minimalist graphics, vibrant palette hues, and increased letter spacing to give the logo an airy feel are the ideas behind this variant. Thanks to the solutions implemented in this concept, the logo creates the impression of an expensive and modern brand that will definitely be remembered by customers.
Project date: April 2021